Why should Compoesy be better than Bogart SE?

  • Hi

    it is often communicated that Compoesy will be much better than B SE. :/

    Why will this be so? :?:

    Other codec :?: Higher data rate :?:

    Would be nice if the question marks could be answered. ;) Especially since with UHD 50p an almost up-to-date PC is needed... :whistling:

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  • "Much better" is now very relative - since compoesy will not overtake BogartSE in terms of functionality or possible accessories. At least not in the next few years as far as this can be estimated.

    But of course there are quite a few limitations deep in the BogartSE core - which in parts still goes back to Casablanca-1 from 1997 - which cannot be changed there. At least not without the most significant side effects.

    What comes to my mind and is not obvious at first glance...

    • In the substructure, compoesy is a modern 64 bit application and therefore not limited to 3 GB RAM. Casa-1/SmartEdit/BogartSE never needed more memory. But at UHD 50/60p, we have 8 times the amount of data compared to Full HD 50/60i today. With complex programs such as PiP-Studio 4, which should then also run on Casablanca-3 devices with 2 GB RAM, there were already restrictions due to the memory area. If there are more complex effects in compoesy - that won't be a problem there. <3 If BogartSE had been implemented to 64 bits with insane effort, all existing 32 bit additional programs of the last 25 years would no longer be executable. :thumbdown:
    • compoesy can work more efficiently and high-quality through the use of other codecs, which should later also enable 8k etc. Depending on the hardware, the import of material into compoesy is much faster (UHD approx. factor 5 and more) and possible in better quality. Support for further hardware accelerations is also planned. <3 The BogartSE core is historically almost at the limit when it comes to UHD material. A larger color gamut or higher resolutions than 4k are currently considered technically unfeasible. :thumbdown:
    • The interface is much simpler and more flexible once you have familiarized yourself. The credo of the former MacroSystem Digital Video AG was always that no existing function should be omitted that any fan could miss. From Casa-1 to BogartSE, more and more settings have come together in more and more places that are hardly comprehensible anymore. If you change the screen resolution, you have different font sizes, preview windows are added or hidden, images become larger or smaller... Timeline, Storyboard, StoryboardPLUS representations, Standard+Advanced Split etc. are all dragged along - but sometimes no longer maintained. If you want to work quickly, you can set the windows in compoesy according to individual needs and insert scene + transition + video effect + title without having to jump into four different menus and back again. <3 If this had been rebuilt in BogartSE, all Bogart fans would have dropped out there and all accessory programs would no longer have been usable. :thumbdown:
    • compoesy allows as many screens as the hardware can offer. It's also part of the user interface, but somehow everything is part of it. While in BogartSE you can only use one screen for many program interfaces, you can also split the compoesy interface into three or four screens if necessary. Maximum preview + maximum storyboard with 9 audio tracks + effects with settings can make sense for large projects. What the hardware provides can be used. <3 Such changes in BogartSE for all windows + control element sizes would not have been feasible. :thumbdown:
    • The import of footage won't stop you editing in compoesy. If you start a project in BogartSE and import a lot of material, it's best to run it overnight, right? With compoesy, the import runs in the background and scene by scene becomes available in the Scene Bin. Meanwhile, you can directly view, split, trim, rename, sort into groups, add scenes to the storyboard for continuous projects, add color/image corrections, create titles, etc. <3 The deepest core of BogartSE cannot multitask, which is why SmartRendering zigs again and again, does not work with all effects and cancels with every preview and restarts again later. :thumbdown:
    • Complex effect rendering can be outsourced while cutting continues. Of course, functions offered by Time-X or PiP-Studio & Co. are also on the wish list for compoesy. Especially such special effects are not used as much as some transitions. If you plan the use of such effects and are satisfied with the quality in BogartSE, you send the required scenes to BogartSE and let them render there, while compoesy can be used to continue editing without restrictions and waiting time. <3 Thus, compoesy is not a complete replacement for BogartSE, but allows existing users and new fans to access additional software of the last 25 years of developent.
    • With a completely different effect management, compoesy allows a much better preview. If you take an effect stack for image correction + color correction and set a title to the same scene, you can see the effects of each effect change directly as a common preview image in compoesy. Even pattern changes in the title can be seen in real time. <3 In BogartSE, you can only see one of the three things in the preview at a time - because the rigid interface and the rigid effect management do not allow anything else. :thumbdown:
    • Much easier use and management of groups for scenes and audio. The idea in BogartSE, to assign scenes to a specific group (hotel, beach, pyramid, total, people...) was good, but is very cumbersome in practical use there. A scene can only belong to one group and the change of displayed groups requires several clicks. In compoesy you can either drag the group area (on the left in the Scene Bin) open or hide it, depending on whether you want to use it. However, this does not rely on error-prone A.I. - but on accurate H.I. - In other words, human intelligence that decides for itself what you want and where. Any scene(s) can be quickly dragged and dropped into any group. So a total on the beach with people in the picture can be found in all three groups, depending on what you need at the moment. <3 For BogartSE I still have ideas for improvement... but due to the system, this is more limited there. :thumbdown:
    • compoesy offers more freedom in future developments. With the rigid BogartSE interface with support for NTSC 720x480 screens via analog out, some innovations are not usable everywhere - and even the core has restrictions that cannot be changed deep inside, such as that an "effect" can only have 4x direct adjusters/switches. With compoesy, such restrictions can be dropped and innovations can be accommodated at any time in a new window, which is either closed again after use - or can even be docked in the interface as desired, wherever you want it. This makes compoesy much more flexible for future innovations or changes. <3 BogartSE will allow this to some extent with the VST3 host and external plug-ins, but own BogartSE programs will never be able to master this. :thumbdown:
    • The compoesy Assistant allows a fully automated rough cut for videographers who otherwise only "present" their material in the raw state. Of all that is familiar to me, only the compoesy Assistant allows the creation of semi-automated films, which can have longer running times, depending on the number of photos and video scenes. For hours of video material and several photos, I had once measured <10 minutes of "working time" for a first test, whereby I had also created a title. The resulting film then had 15 minutes, which is longer than usual "templates" of other programs. If the "H.I." then also lends a hand for the finishing touches, even "non-cutters" can create nice films with the compoesy Assistant - with hardly any effort, which can also be shown to the family and friends. <3 If you want, you can recreate something similar in BogartSE with the PowerKey software. However, this is not as good as in the compoesy Assistant when importing or using photos or music. :thumbdown:

    These would be the essential points that come to my mind and otherwise are not directly seen. :saint: Thanks for the question! I would have had to think about some things for marketing and websites anyway. Nevertheless, of course, a BogartSE 14 will be built again. The parallel development slows down more than planned... but the BogartSE fans should be made just as happy as new users, may have looked at BogartSE and could not make friends with the interface. And there are definitely a lot of them today. :evil:

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