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    Program installation of the compoesy video editing software

    • At the first start of the day compoesy checks whether an online update is available and offers the update directly in the main menu for installation.
    • For a separate installation or the first steps with compoesy, the software is also available for download here: :thumbup:

    Titler Template Additions

    From compoesy v0.4 Beta 2 onwards, a lot of Titler templates are also installed. These can be used in four different ways:

    1. In the Assistant via the button [Title] on the selected scene. There you will find the input fields for Text-1, Text-2 and Text-3 and the template selection for them. The number at the beginning of the template indicates how many text boxes are available in the corresponding template. The text entered there in the respective line is then used accordingly with the template.
    2. The same result is achieved in the large compoesy interface if you have inserted a title effect and select a template in the title settings under Text / Template style. The existing text is retained. If there were previously fewer text boxes than defined in the template, you will be asked whether these should be created or not.
    3. Alternatively, you can select a corresponding template in the compoesy interface using the title settings under Pages / Template. The content of the existing page is completely replaced by the template!
    4. With Pages / Standard any template can also be selected, then to be automatically used for each new title effect or each new page .

    The order of the text boxes determines the text-1, text-2, text-3 filling, with text-1 having the lowest box number and text-3 the highest. Whether before, in between or after there are boxes without any text (which only contain graphic elements) has no influence.

    If you have created a new template yourself, you can save it under Pages / Template [Save] (in Documents / compoesy / Titler / Templates) or delete it from there. When saving, the number of text boxes is automatically placed in front of the name.

    Several templates (which are also always supplemented) + preview graphics can be found here: :thumbup:

    LUT (Look-Up-Table) Additions

    There are a variety of free and paid LUTs or LUT packages for color changes. Some simple ones are already installed automatically at compoesy. A lot more can be found here, for example: :thumbup:

    • The LUT video effect has a switch to open the LUT directory (own Documents/Compoesy/Luts).
    • Simply copy the .CUBE files of the desired LUTs there and they can be used in compoesy.

    However, there is no guarantee that all external LUTs will work or deliver good results. By increasing the "transparency", extreme alienations can be mitigated.

    Layout templates for compoesy

    If the "Layout" check-mark is activated, you can "grab" each window in the title bar and move it to a different position - or position it freely on any screen. In the course of development, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agency has created some layouts for use on Full-HD screens with compoesy font size 12, which can be used for newcomers as a basis for their own creations.

    • The usual place for this is your own Documents\Compoesy\DockLayouts and here you can download the experimental layouts: :thumbup:
    • With the [+] symbol, you can create your own layout at any time as a quick shift button at the top.
    • With the right mouse button you can also assign a keyboard shortcut to these buttons to quickly change different layouts. These then end up in Documents\Compoesy\DockLayouts\QuickButtons.

    Have fun with compoesy and feel free to share great Titler-/Layout templates in the chat corner - or report usable LUTs:!: <3

    Advertising helps the volunteer support in the forum. / Werbung hilft der ehrenamtliche Unterstützung im Forum.

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